Retaining Wall Options in Vancouver

retaining wall Vancouver

Are you looking for a retaining wall Vancouver? If so, you are in luck, because we have a few great options for you. These include the Gravity wall, Allan Block, Gabion mesh, and Timber. You’ll be glad you did once you’ve read this article! You’ll feel more informed and confident in your decision to hire us to construct a retaining wall for your property. But before you do, you should know some basics.

Allan Block

For the ultimate in landscape design, consider an Allan Block retaining wall in Vancouver. Made of concrete blocks, these patented blocks can be used in garden beds and walkways, as well as retaining walls. Contact BC Brick today to receive a free quote. You’ll be glad you did. And, because Allan Blocks are durable and affordable, they are a great choice for homeowners who are looking to add an attractive retaining wall to their property.

Gravity wall

When building a retaining fence in Vancouver, BC, there are a few things you should keep in mind. The design of a retaining wall must be engineered to withstand soil pressure and other loads. A standard gravity wall analysis includes the consideration of bearing, sliding, and overturning forces. If the site is prone to slopes, global stability analysis is necessary to ensure that the structure is designed to overcome overturning moments and rotational forces. Your site should also be sufficiently stable to support the weight of the retaining wall.

Gabion mesh

If you are in the process of building a retaining wall for a slope, you might want to consider using a gabion mesh retaining structure. Compared to concrete, gabions are eco-friendly and have a low carbon footprint. They are also very attractive and are a great alternative to piles or concrete. In addition to their environmental benefits, gabions also offer several other advantages. They are also economical and can be used in a variety of different situations, including landscaping and urban design.


If you want a beautiful retaining wall for your property, consider installing a landscape timber retaining wall. Landscape timber retaining walls come in a variety of colors and grains. They can be installed vertically or horizontally. If you want a more rustic look, you can install an earthy-looking stone wall instead. These walls can be built on uneven land as well. And because of their versatility, you can even use them for raised planters and vegetable gardens.

Concrete retaining wall

If you’re planning to build a retaining wall for your home or business, you may be wondering what the best type of material to use is. The answer depends on the type of landscaped site and climate. For a retaining wall that is designed to withstand rainwater, pouring concrete is an excellent choice. But poured concrete walls can crack and require expensive repairs, so if you’re looking for a more forgiving material, CMU block with plastered face might be a better option. You can even upgrade a simple concrete retaining wall to a travertine stone cap.

Tilt-up concrete retaining wall

A tilt-up concrete retaining wall is a type of retaining structure constructed by casting concrete panels on-site. Whether you’re planning a new home or a business, a retaining wall offers many advantages. Here’s what to look for and how to make the best choice for your project. A tilt-up retaining wall is a great choice for Vancouver Island businesses. You’ll be happy you did once you see the benefits of retaining walls.

Rockscape retaining wall

A Rockscape retaining wall is a modern take on a traditional reinforced concrete wall. This wall is hand carved to resemble natural stone and features steel reinforcement. While it is not the cheapest option, the material’s cost does not make it unattractive. Timber has been used for land retention for centuries, and a properly installed pressure treated timber retaining wall offers a 30-year lifespan. For more information, contact a rockscape retaining wall specialist today.